Below is a snapshot of the races we hit in 2018




For us this is the highlight of the race season. Fixed 42 is a unique A to B race held every year in Berlin. Organised by Rad Race it starts on the outskirts of the city and covers 26 miles (42km). The route begins on an Autobahn traverses an Airport, that ceased operating at the the turn of the century, and ends in the heart of the city. Drawing riders from all over the world it’s seen our riders put in some blistering performances. Check out the full write up of the 2018 race on our blog.



Now in its third year and the brainchild of The North London Thundercats it’s held in the prestigious Lee Valley VeloPark on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. When Red Hook Crit London failed to materialise this year Thundercrit stepped into the spotlight. With a festival vibe and heaps of thrills and spills this race had it all. Read the full race report on our blog



Perhaps the most hardcore circuit of the season, made more dangerous this year thanks to a sprinkling of rain in the later half of the race. Held in the Cheapside area of The City of London, to race Nocturne you need to have total belief in your equipment and commitment to every turn. Although dangerous this is a race which really delivers, with its fast straights and aggressive chicane it’s one enjoyed by the spectators as much as the competitors.



Following an invite from the Dijon Mustard Crew we weren’t sure what to expect from this race. Held on an airfield in beautiful Dijon three of the team drove from London for this one. Blessed by beautiful weather and organised brilliantly by Max and his crew we left, minds blown, and inspired by the racing and the lovely people we met. We can’t recommend this one enough. We can’t wait to return in 2019.



The fixed gear crit race for everyone. If you’re new to the circuit then this is a great place to start and where the Fixed Beers race team really started to find it’s legs during the 2017 season. Held at the Hillingdon race circuit in north London it’s a barrier free course which means there’s plenty of run off should mistakes happen and heaps of space to chill and party while the racing rolls on. Fingers crossed it returns for a fourth instalment in the new year.





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