"Our search for an alcohol free isotonic beer"

We're all about the bikes and when it comes to riding, be it race training or a relaxed social ride, a good beer at the end rounds the ride of perfectly. It's a pat on the back and perhaps a great way to celebrate a great ride.

This love of beer and bikes got us thinking, and over a pint or two an idea emerged. In Bavaria, the spiritual home of beer, there are a number of breweries that brew alcohol free craft beer and sponsor athletes from all disciplines. This is genius we thought and absolutely perfect for the team, a beer that you can drink like a sports drink, a beer that could be enjoyed off and on the bike. 

With this idea still fermenting in our collective brains we began dreaming of what could be. Perhaps our race team could be sponsored by an alcohol free beer. Perhaps we could be supping isotonic beer all the way to the podium?

Well that dream is now a reality thanks to Fitbeer a classic, artisan lager, that’s alcohol-free. Crisp and refreshing in taste, it has a perfect balance of subtle hops and pleasant malt flavours, with gentle carbonation and a delicious nectar finish. Made with 100% natural ingredients, all sourced within 20km of a 500-year-old Bavarian brewery. As well as being only 66 calories a bottle (less than half its alcoholic equivalent), FitBeer is also vegan, rich in Vitamin B12 and full of folic acid.

FitBeer is an isotonic beverage, meaning it’s perfect for hydrating you after working-out, or whilst out working.

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